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夜のクリスマスパーティーで、数人がおしゃべりしている様子。  この作品は、コレクションの中でも最も遊び心のある作品。

39Universe初期のアートピース。付属のサンタ帽はスプレーペイントで塗装され、グーグリ目玉が付いている(これで「Eyes eyes eyes on you」のテーマが誕生)。暗い背景は12月の夜をイメージし、赤い点は、お酒を楽しみながら会話をしている皆の溢れんばかりの感情と、この幸福な瞬間を表現。 


キャンバスにミクストメディア使用。 2011年。




A group of people in a Xmas Party at night, chatting, that joyful feeling, it’s warm inside, its fun.  This is one of the most playful pieces on the collection.


This is one of the earliest art-pieces of 39Universe and one of the more playful ones. The attached Santa hat is spray painted and holds a pair of googly eyes (these will later become the Curiosity theme). The dark background resemples a december night and the red dots in the atmosphere are the overflowing emotions of everyone as they engage in conversation enjoying drinks and this ephimeral moment. 

Join the party.


Mixed Media on Canvas 2011

Xmas Party

SKU: 126351351935
JCT Included |
  • Size (Approximate Measurements)

    H 50cm, W 28cm, D 3,5cm.

  • Art Purchase Details


    すべての作品は、ご購入の翌週に発送いたします。国内発送の場合佐川急便にてお届け致します(ご希望の発送業者があればご連絡くださいませ)。海外の場合DHLにてお届け致します。サービス状況により発送業者変更の場合がございます。納期は地域によって異なります。2~3週間以内にお届けします。 追跡番号は、メールにてお知らせします。






    作品の設置が必要な場合は、アーティスト「39Universe」が作品を持ち込んで設置するサービスを行っております。 ご興味のある方はお問い合わせください。(別途料金)







    Art Piece Free Shipment Worldwide

    All Art pieces will be shipped from Japan by DHL (outside Japan) or SAGAWA (inside Japan) during the following week of the purchase. If you have a request for shipping company let us know. We might change the shipping company depending on the service situation. Delivery Times vary according to the location. It shouldn’t exceed 2-3 weeks.  A tracking number will be assigned and informed to the client.


    Certificate of Authenticity

    A Certificate of Authenticity will be issued and mailed together with the Art Piece.


    Installation of the Art Piece (Japan only)

    If the installation of the Art Piece would be required, the Artist "39Universe" can bring the Art and Install it. A special fee will be required. Only Available in Japan.  If interested please contact us.


    Return Policy

    If you have any problem with your Art Piece please contact us ASAP via email.  We accept returns only in case of a defective art-piece or if the art-piece was damaged during transportation. We only accept returns if we receive notice from the client within one week of the arrival of the art-piece.

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