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Art for "Maison de Comme"

「メゾンドコム」コラボレーション  Hawaii and Tokyo 2019-2020

アートピースから生まれ変わった、Maison de Commeとのコラボハンドペイントコレクション。







As part of a collaboration with "Maison de Comme", a collection of hand-painted bags was created. Using mainly Acrylic and Spray Paint, huge canvasses were transformed into art pieces, later on coated and converted into bag material.


Every bag is a unique art piece, all of them incredibly light and waterproof. On inside pockets and straps vintage kimono fabrics were used. 

"delightful - love at first sight art bags" 

Some Maison de Comme collaboration Bags are available, although most of them are sold out.
Some Still Available Here

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